Our Board is comprised of leadership from the Roman Catholic Church in the State of Hawaii, dedicated business and community volunteers.

Members of the Corporation

Very Rev. Larry Silva, Chairman
Michael Browning
Very Rev. Msgr. Gary Secor
Carola Souza
Charlotte White


Bro. Ed Brink
Adam Dornbush
Mikel Gilliland
Jeff Niebling
Cheri Rauckhorst
Very Rev. Msgr. Gary Secor
Cori Ching Weston
Charlotte White, President
Most Rev. Larry Silva (Ex Officio)

Emeritus Board Members

We thank our Emeritus Board Members for their many years of service to the Foundation:
Fr. Dan Dever (1925-2011)
Bill Dornbush (1945-2015)
Karen Nakamura
Wendell Pang