Take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions to get a better understanding of the application process. We are proud to partner with TADS as our tuition scholarship application service provider.

Deadlines & Notifications

January 4 – March 1 – Application window for Tuition Scholarship Program. Completed applications, including required documents and $37 application fee are due to TADS by March 1. Late applications WILL NOT be accepted.

April 23 – 28 – Notification Week. Emails are sent informing you if you will or will not be receiving a tuition scholarship. Students who are in preschool/junior kindergarten or who did not submit a complete application will not receive a email from the AEF.

September 30 – Disbursement Award Checks sent to schools.

Note – The AEF tuition scholarship can only be applied to the cost of tuition (lunch, morning/after school care, books, etc. are not eligible). The AEF tuition scholarship cannot be used as a refund if a recipient has a zero tuition account balance.

See Application Tips for more information.

Scholarship Eligibility & Application Process

Q: How do I apply?

A: Go to AEF’s Online Tuition Scholarship Program link

Q: Who is eligible for a scholarship?

A: All students (grades K-12) who will attend a Hawaii Catholic School during the upcoming school year. Students do not have to be currently enrolled to apply for a scholarship, but you do need to be officially enrolled at the time the scholarship is awarded. Priority is given to those applicants with a high level of financial need.

Q: How much are the scholarships?

A: The amount of the tuition scholarship varies from year to year, typically ranging from $500 to $1,750.

Q: What about students who are in preschool or junior kindergarten?

A: Due to our limited funding, we do not provide scholarships to children in preschool or junior kindergarten. Although, the AEF Tuition Scholarship Program does not provide scholarships to preschools/ELCs, some preschools/ELCs use our application to evaluate your level of need for their own school’s financial aid program. Please inquire at your preschool/ELC.

Q: What if I am applying for more than one student or to different Catholic schools?

A: One application per family, even if the children attend different schools or you are applying to different schools.

Q: What if I applied or submitted for financial aid with TADS with another school or scholarship program for the upcoming school year?

A: You will do one of two things, depending on if you have applied/not submitted your application or if you have submitted your application.

Applied, but haven’t Submitted your Application:  You will need to update your TADS financial aid application to include the Augustine Educational Foundation. Log-in to your existing financial aid application with TADS, go to the “Scholarship” tab.  Check the box for the student listed under the school name with “Scholarship: Augustine Educational Foundation”. Follow the prompts to complete the application.

Submitted your Application:  You will need to add Augustine Educational Foundation to the application that has already been submitted. Log-in to your TADS account, then click the green “Add School or Scholarship” button on the home page (or click the Financial Aid tab), then click the green “Add School or Scholarship” button. In the School Search field, enter Augustine Educational Foundation. Select Augustine Educational Foundation from the dropdown menu. You will then be prompted to select the student(s) you would like to apply. Follow the prompts to complete the application.

“Schools” Tab Message Alert: If you get the following message:

The school you listed above does not use TADS for its’ internal financial aid evaluation . . . 

Please disregard, the Hawaii Catholic school(s) (HCS) you selected will receive your application. All HCS are covered by the AEF Application for the AEF Tuition Scholarship Program.

See Application Tips for more information.

Q: Do I have to be Catholic to apply?

A: No, you do not need to be Catholic to apply. Families, regardless of religious affiliation, can apply.

Q: Can students from public schools apply?

A: Yes, if they intend to enroll in a Hawaii Catholic School in the upcoming school year.

Q: Do I have to reapply each year?

A: Yes, you must reapply for a tuition scholarship each year.

Q: What if I am divorced, separated, or never married?

A: The primary parent completes and submits the TADS application, however the number of exemptions on the 1040 tax forms must correspond to the number listed as the household on the application form. If child(ren) is not documented as a dependent by the adult applying for the scholarship, the signed Federal 1040 tax forms from the person claiming the child(ren) are required. Both incomes and household size should be combined and reported on the application forms.

Application & Document Submission

Processing Fee: $37

Q: Why do I have to pay $37?

A: The $37 covers the cost of processing your application by TADS.

Q: Do I have to pay the $37 fee for each student applicant?

A: Fees are assessed on a per family basis, not a per student basis. A family with two or more student applicants, would still pay $37.

Q: What if I cannot afford to pay the $37 processing fee?

A: Call the Foundation directly at (808) 203-6748.


Applying, Submitting Documents or Paying Service Processing Fee: Please contact TADS directly by phone at 1-800-477-8237 – Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST. You may also visit support on their website for FAQs – www.tads.com/contact-us or email tads-support@communitybrands.com for assistance.

Further Questions? Contact Tonya Stevenson at (808) 203-6748 or tonya@augustinefoundation.org.